cocktails helenaHappy Friday, friends! Will you join me for some Mixed Links…

If you are interested in our training webinars, check out our yearly Annual All-Access Pass Sale going on now. You get 365 days of access to webinars, downloads, time savers, and the awesome Pass Holder Community for only $499. That’s a savings of $200 off the regular price and comes out to less than $10 a week for essential nonprofit communications training and support. Learn more and get your Pass now.

Noah Barnett at CauseVox is presenting a free webinar next Tuesday – 11 Ways To Boost Results + Ensure Your Year-End Fundraising Emails Stand Out.

Try using A Strategic System that Produces Powerful Content Marketing Campaigns.

Ana Gotter tells you How to Use YouTube Cards in Your Videos.

If you aren’t segmenting your email list, John Haydon says Smart Fundraisers Don’t Raise Money This Way. So Why Are You Doing it With Email?

ProBlogger shows you How to Swipe Great Titles … and Use Them On YOUR Blog.

As they age, the future of U.S. philanthropy is in the hands of Gen X and Millennials, and that could mean trouble.

Steve MacLaughlin shares 450 Email Subject Lines From End of Year Fundraising.

Does your office do a gift exchange this time of year? Caroline Avakian has put together The Nonprofit Colleague Gift Guide (Under $20).

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