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Happy Friday, dear friends! How are your New Year’s Resolutions coming along? If one of them was to learn more, then I can help with today’s collection of links from around the world of marketing and communications. It’s time for Mixed Links…

The top story is Facebook’s News Feed Changes: A Look at the Likely Consequences.

Here are 30 Things to Do and Don’t Do in 2018 from Fakequity.

Jeff Brooks compiled his list of the Best Fundraising Blogs for 2018. (And thanks for including us, Jeff!)

Sonia Simone inspires with 7 Ways to Bring More Artistry to Your Writing.

If you are a fan of them, you may want to read The Scoop on LinkedIn Groups.

Rachel Muir shares 5 New Year Resolutions Every Fundraiser Should Make.

Find out What to Do When Your Content Falls Flat: 6 Ways to Recover.

Tim Brown encourages Incentivizing Marketing Behavior in Your Staff.

And do you know How Your Childhood Affects Your Self-Care?

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January 18: Maximize the Post Gift Glow: The Art of Thanking Donors with Rachel Muir. Registration is $20 or Free with an All-Access Pass.

January 25: How Much Time (and Energy) Do Nonprofits Need to Spend on Google Analytics with Eric Squair. Registration is $20 or Free with an All-Access Pass.

March 1 and 2: Writing a Fabulous Case for Support with Tom Ahern. Registration is $99 for Part 1 Only, $199 for Parts 1 and 2, or Free with an All-Access Pass.

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