4178415E1A mixedFirst off, to everyone frustrated and exhausted by the massive Give Local America tech fail, this edition of Mixed Links is dedicated to you! We hope you will get to relax with a real beverage of your choice this weekend…

Kivi is actively encouraging everyone involved to talk openly about what happened as there are tons of lessons to learn. There’s a great conversation happening on her personal Facebook profile, where this particular post is set to public. Please feel free to chime in.   We and others have many blog posts in the works for next week to keep the discussion alive. Let’s use the hashtag #givedaylessons for those conversations.

OR if you don’t want to share publicly, but want your story to be known, feel free to email Kivi directly at kivi@ecoscribe.com. She’s already heard from many nonprofits and will do her best to represent some of those concerns in conversations she is having while protecting your privacy.

On to happier news, it’s the 3rd month of the #NPBaton on Instagram! Help us keep it going by signing up for May and June.

Is your nonprofit ready for a blog? Download this quick blog-ready assessment worksheet to find out.

The U.S. Presidential Election is definitely going to be bonkers this year. Be heard above the noise by using the tips in this new paper, How to Remain Relevant in 2016 When You’re Not a Candidate or PAC published by Change.org with Colin Delany at Epolitics.com.

Starting a fundraising campaign soon? This Fundraising Gift Range Calculator will tell you how many gifts at each level you will need to reach your goal.

If you are going to start creating infographics, be sure to check out this Infographic About Infographics first.

Wild Apricot has compiled a list of 18 Free Nonprofit Webinars for May 2016.

Craig Linton at Fundraising Detective blog is hosting this month’s Nonprofit Blog Carnival. The theme is “Leadership in Fundraising: the best or worst boss you ever had. What did you learn? How was the experience? Tips for others.”

Nonprofit Training

May 12: Making Sense of Your Nonprofit’s Google Analytics [Registration ONLY $20]

May 17: Email Newsletters for Nonprofits, Part 1: Strategies to Make the Most of Your E-Newsletter

May 19: Email Newsletters for Nonprofits, Part 2: Writing and Designing Great E-Newsletters 

Enjoy your weekend, and Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there rocking those mom jeans!


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