Moscow Mule for Mixed LinksI am surrounded by boxes and can’t find anything, as I am moving tomorrow. I really need some Mixed Drinks, whoops, I mean Links…

This month’s Nonprofit Blog Carnival is up! July’s Carnival theme was End-of-Year Fundraising Tips and was hosted by Joanne Fritz.

August’s Nonprofit Blog Carnival will be hosted right here at Nonprofit Marketing Guide, and we are asking for submissions on how you share progress or communicate accomplishments.

Looking to up your infographics game? See these 5 Must-Have Infographic Templates to Supercharge Your Nonprofit.

If you are new to online fundraising or have ever been tripped up by a certain term you’ve heard or read, Network for Good’s Online Fundraiser’s Glossary is here to help.

If you love Twitter, but are having trouble keeping up, these 5 Twitter Tools to Boost Your Productivity may help.

Steven Shattuck and the folks at Bloomerang dive deeper into their $5 Donor Communications Experiment with 46 Real Nonprofit Email Receipt Subject Lines Made Better.

Nonprofit with Balls believes volunteers are a critical ingredient in the banh mi of social justice so you should treat them accordingly. (Banh mi…..yummmm)

Content Marketing Institute shows you How to Encourage Your Content Marketing Team to Work Together across departments.

And because it’s Friday and you’re ready for the weekend, check out The 20 Best Sites for Wasting Time on the Internet according to HubSpot.

Nonprofit Training

August 11th – 19th: Writing a Donor Centered Website with Tom Ahern (3 training levels available)

August 26th: How to Do Your Own Nonprofit Communications Audit with Kivi Leroux Miller

Posting this video for my kids who go back to school next week, for my husband who is a teacher, and for all the other teachers out there who really deserve better…

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