mixed links 9612782882_b491c524dd_zHappy Friday! Join me for some Mixed Links…

Kivi was on Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio last week talking about how to Communicate With Your Communicators.

Kivi is also doing a free webinar for Bloomerang on March 17th called How to Write an Email Newsletter That Doesn’t Suck.

Hootsuite shows you How to Make a Social Media Content Calendar.

If you’re feeling like your brain just isn’t as quick as it used to be, you may just need to practice some of these 10 ways to challenge your brain.

Pamela Grow has released a Donor Love Toolkit full of great ideas and examples of how to thank your donors.

Need to add some juice to your email marketing? Use these Five Superhot Email Marketing Trends.

Want to get the most out of Twitter? Twitter Provides Tips for Creating More Effective Tweet Content.

Ever wonder if those “mindblowing” click bait titles actually work? Read 7 Reasons Why Clicking This Title Will Prove Why You Clicked This Title.

Take this quiz created by Rory Green to find out What Movie Best Resembles Your Nonprofit Culture.

Nonprofit Training

Starting March 7: Writing Direct Mail Appeal Letters In-House with Tom Ahern

March 17: Growing Your Nonprofit Email List: Proven Acquisition Strategies for Nonprofits with John Haydon (SPECIAL REGISTRATION PRICE OF ONLY $20)

Have a good weekend!


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