Happy Holidays!Welcome to another edition of Mixed Links, where we bring you a bunch of the great stuff we’ve come across lately.

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Now on to the links…

Let’s start with some good news! The latest report from Atlas of Giving shows that total giving to U.S. charities in 2014 is projected to grow past the $450 billion mark, an increase of almost 9% over the 2013 total.

AFP’s Fundraising Effectiveness Project Survey Report backs those projections and also shows that donor retention rates are rising too. This is in line with the results of our very own communications survey that shows keeping donors is now a higher priority than it had been in recent years.

And to see donor retention in action, read Beth Kanter’s talk with Barb Newhouse, President & Chief Executive Officer of the ALS Association where she discusses their plans to keep all of those Ice Bucket Challenge donors.

Pam Grow has another installment of her “What’s in My Mailbox” series where she highlights smaller nonprofits’ direct mail efforts.

Check out Jeff Brooks’ fundraising podcast on The 12 Tips of Christmas.

“The most effective way to increase your fundraising dollars is to let your supporters see and feel how their gift is making an impact.” Read more about how to share your stories in Lori Jacobwith’s A Powerful & Simple Way to Increase Visibility.

For those times when you thought you were saying one thing, but everyone else heard something completely different, see Beware of Perception Gaps.

Nonprofit Training

We’ve finished our Weekly Webinar Series for 2015, but you won’t want to miss 2015! Our Annual All-Access Pass is on sale this month. You can save $100 and get a year’s worth of training for only $499 if you join us by January 2, 2015. (That’s less than 10 bucks a week for training on direct mail, social media, content marketing, branding, annual reports, and so much more.) Learn more about the new things and bonuses we are offering for 2015.

Have a safe and happy holiday!

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