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Internet Marketing

Need a new website? Geoff Staples with WPMU.org (a Wordpress development blog) shares How to Successfully Create a Non-Profit Website on a Limited (Or Non-Existent) Budget.

Did you know 7 in 10 smartphone or tablet users conduct at least one Web-based activity solely with their mobile device? The folks at Marketing Profs share key findings from the recent Prosper Mobile Insights survey. Another indication that you need to start thinking hard about mobile — even if you aren’t quite ready to do anything serious yet.

In other mobile marketing news, Mark Emery shares 5 Common Mobile Myths Debunked.

I encourage nonprofits to take advantage of the latest memes as a way to add a little timely fun into your communications with my free Monthly Nonprofit Writing Prompts email, but there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about it, and memes aren’t for every organization. Read You Can Has Memesez? for three guidelines from the always insightful Amy Sample Ward.


Joe Waters shares 4 lessons for fundraising on Pinterest. And for more on Pinterest join us on August 8th as Kerri Karvetski presents another Social Media Starter Kit webinar, Google + and Pinterest for Your Nonprofit.

Katya Andresen explains why telling your supporters you need money is not fundraising in Donors Would Give More if You Showed Them…

Do you think you are reaching your fundraising potential? Gail Perry at Fired-Up Fundraising would love to know! Please answer the Fundraising Goals Survey and share your perspective. (It will only take one or two minutes.)

Betsy Baker of Your Grant Authority helps bridge the gap between grant writers and program staff in They Have It, You Need It: How to Get Nonprofit Staff to Share Their Information with You for Your Grant Applications.

As I have mentioned previously, we’ll be watching the presidential campaigns closely to see what what works and what doesn’t so we in the nonprofit world can learn from the bazillions of dollars being spent there. I am a big proponent of telling your organization’s stories as a way to inspire others, so I was intrigued by this article in the Huffington Post, Is Storytelling the Secret Weapon of the 2012 Race? 

Nonprofit Training

We are taking registrations for our August session of  Direct Mail for Small Nonprofits with Tom Ahern. Why not get your annual appeal letter done NOW and have a less stressful fall??

We just opened registration on a new e-clinic, Donor Newsletters that Raise More Money, also with Tom Ahern. He’s figured out how your print newsletter can raise a ton of money, so if that sounds good to you, sign up!

Nonprofit Marketing Guide.com Webinars

For Pass Holders – July 25: Integrating Your Direct Mail, Email, and Social Media Fundraising 

For Pass Holders – August 2: Get Beyond the “Like” – Social Media Engagement Strategies

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