I can’t tell you how many times in the last year I’ve heard someone explaining to a newbie how to use an RSS reader for online/social media listening, only to quickly follow it with, “But I don’t really use mine anymore, because I subscribed to too many feeds and am overwhelmed.” Not exactly the greatest endorsement for RSS readers.

I confess I’m guilty of the exact same thing. I can’t remember the last time I opened Google Reader. I use a custom Alltop page to track the top 40 or so blogs I want to follow instead.

The big problem with that approach, however, is that I can’t follow the newer blogs  or those with smaller readerships that haven’t received blessed Alltop inclusion status yet. (Here’s their submission form – it does seem to help.)

If you are in the same boat, save this post so you can use it to keep up with these newer blogs (and if any of them are on Alltop, let me know which page so I can find them!). Here are a few I’m going to try to keep an eye on, and I’d love for you to add your new/smaller favorites to the list in the comments.

Throwing Light is by the dynamic duo of Andrew & Leah Hood. They do incredible visual storytelling for nonprofits. Definitely one to watch.

Bad Words Blog by Doug Gould is a “compilation of good intentions gone bad when good people use bad words to promote good causes.” Very interesting perspectives on the language we use in the nonprofit world.

moflow blog by Marlene Oliveira, an experienced freelance copywriter and certified yoga teacher in Toronto, Ontario. When she decided to put these two skills together in one business, the connection was clear: it’s all about more flow. She’s a writer who gets nonprofits and marketing, which makes her a great asset to our community.

Gracie’s Empty Brain by Grace Cheung, who is a Gen Y’er who’s sharing her experiences starting a career in marketing, with a special interest in nonprofits.

Write for the Cause by Courtney McSwain is brand-spanking new, but I hope she keeps it up, because I have a soft spot for writers who are trying to use their talents for good, given that’s how I got started in all of this.

Nonprofit Chas is by Chas Grundy, who is sharing his experiences as he helps take a small non-profit organization to the next level. He’s been at it a bit longer than most of the people on this list, but I just discovered the blog and Chas shares some great insights for small nonprofits.

Socialize Your Cause is a blog by the company of the same name, where founder David Wells shares tons of tips on using social media more effectively (and he also just posted an hour-long video of my talk at NCTech4Good. Sheesh, that was a long presentation . . . I’m sure David’s arm was cramping holding that camera!)

Marketing Analytics for Nonprofits by Vault Analytics shares ideas and tips on (you guessed it) measurement and analytics.

Low Hanging Fruit Communications by Maureen Carruthers covers lots of bigger-picture management topics like getting organized and working together, as well as more tactical social media advice.

Change 4 Your Dollar is a new fundraising blog by Laura Kaufman, who has lots of experience with foundations and Jewish philanthropy.

Social Change Diva by Ericka Hines covers leadership, adult learning, and presentation skills.

Finally, also check out KristinaLeroux.com, where my virtual assistant (and little sister) is now blogging about all kinds of cool tools to help you manage your online life and Internet marketing.

What other new nonprofit communications, marketing, or fundraising blogs are you following?

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