During last week’s webinar, Social Media Fear Factor: Getting Over What’s Holding You Back (recording available now to All-Access Pass holders), I asked participants how they felt about the idea that, because of social media, everyone associated with their cause, in any way, is now a potential spokesperson.

I asked this same poll question on a webinar about 18 months ago, and the difference between the two polls is encouraging (granted, different nonprofits took the two polls).

This month, only 12% said the idea of everyone being a spokesperson was “very scary” and that they’d “prefer to control the message.” Back in July 2009, 26% answered the poll that way. This month, 40% said it was “great” and 15% said it was “good” for a total of 55% who felt positively about this notion. Eighteen months ago, that total was 48% with 26% saying “great” and 22% saying “good.”


Poll Results from February 2011

Poll of 26 Nonprofit Marketing Guide.com Webinar Attendees, February 16 2011


Spokesperson Poll July 2009

Poll of 27 Nonprofit Marketing Guide.com Webinar Attendees, July 15 2009

Who can say what and how those messages and messengers will be perceived is still one of the biggest concerns I hear from nonprofits about social media, but I’m glad to see these numbers moving in the right direction.

A social media policy can help clear up potential confusion and misunderstandings about how nonprofit staff, board members, and volunteers should be using social media and talking about their nonprofits online. That’s the topic of tomorrow’s webinar, Creating a Social Media Policy for Your Nonprofit (Thursday, February 24, 2011).

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