April 30 Webinar: Tech Tools We Can't Live Without

What are your faves?

Communications isn’t just about writing anymore. Your supporters expect a good experience when they donate, visit your website or open an email from you. The technology tools you use to create those experiences can make or break you.

Next week, we are hosting a “show and tell” webinar featuring tech tools we can’t live without. During  this webinar we’ll share some of our favorite tech tools and why we use them to help us run Nonprofit Marketing Guide. We’ve also been talking to our All-Access Pass Holders about what tools they use to keep their communications departments up and running.

Here are a few of the tools we use and will be talking about next week:

Infusionsoft provides our integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Management), including shopping cart and email marketing. We can easily segment our email list to adjust our email marketing efforts. Purchasing from our website or signing up for a membership is easy with Infusionsoft’s automated marketing process. This is marketed as a small business platform however and is not built with your average nonprofit in mind.

WordPress is our website/blog content management system. WordPress lets us easily update the content on our website and blog. Various plugins allow us to embed video, create image sliders, add social sharing, and just about anything else we might think of. For WordPress templates, we use Headway, Thesis, and the Aggregate theme by ElegantThemes on our family of websites and blogs.

Dropbox is our file sharing and backup system. Editing the same Word document is much less confusing then emailing attachments back and forth if you have shared the file in Dropbox. We also store our marketing bank – images, stock photos, logos, Photoshop files – in Dropbox. You can also access Dropbox from your desktop, browser or mobile devices making it extremely versatile.

We also want to hear from you!

  • How do you schedule your social media updates?
  • What company do you use to handle your email newsletter and mailing list?
  • How do you edit pictures?
  • What other tech tools could you not do your job without?

We heard about a lot of the tools we use from our friends in the industry. Join us April 30th for Show and Tell: Tech Tools We Can’t Live Without  and hear what other nonprofits are using to make their communications easier. The recording will be available if you can’t attend live.

You will need an All-Access Pass to attend this webinar or listen to the recording, but the pass also allows you to attend all of the webinars in my Weekly Webinar Series in addition to the webinars I do for CharityHowTo. Pass Holders can also download my e-books and other resources as well.  Learn more.

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