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Our New Approach to Training that Meets You Where You Are

In 2019, we are introducing a new way for you to manage your professional development called the Five Levels of Marketing Maturity.

After more than a decade of training and coaching nonprofit communicators like you and compiling groundbreaking research on the profession via our annual Nonprofit Communications Trends Reports, we are now able to see the path that nonprofit communicators most often follow as they grow both personally and professionally in their jobs.

We’ve labeled these five levels:

Marketing Maturity Level One – Beginner. This level is for people new to nonprofit marketing and communications who need an introduction to the profession and basic nonprofit marketing concepts.

Marketing Maturity Level Two – Capable. This level is for people who are trying to get a handle on what’s included in the job of a nonprofit communications coordinator or director. Your focus is very tactical: how do I get the work done?

Marketing Maturity Level Three – Skilled. At Level Three, your confidence is growing and you are starting to think more strategically about the work. While you still might feel like you are more reactive than strategic, you are working towards managing the communications functions at your nonprofit, rather than feeling like the job is running you.

Marketing Maturity Level Four – Advanced. At Level Four, you are stepping up to lead the communications work at your organization. You are firmly in control of editorial planning and developing workflows and systems that keep you CALM (Collaborative, Agile, Logical, and Methodical). You are interested not only in doing the work well but in measuring performance and improving results.

Marketing Maturity Level Five – Expert. At this level, your communications work is very strategic and focused. You’ve mastered the basics and are now implementing and refining your strategies, trying to optimize your work. You have the capacity to create high-quality, targeted content distributed across highly coordinated channels.

And to find your Marketing Maturity Level, all you have to do is answer two questions.

Once you have taken the quiz, you have the opportunity to receive a customized training plan that will recommend which of our brand-new, self-paced online courses will work best for your level.

We hope this customization will prevent you from being overwhelmed by all of the training we have available.

Let’s Get Started

Take the Quiz

The customized training plan is just one benefit of having a Free Membership to our site. Free Membership also includes access to the Free Learning Center with lots of downloads and on-demand webinars as well as a subscription to our Weekly Tips Email Newsletter. Learn more.

Some of the free online courses available now:

  • Creating a Re-Engagement Campaign
  • Creating an Email Welcome Series
  • Social Media Basics
  • Content Marketing Basics
  • 20 Days to More Powerful Writing
  • 15 Days to More Inspiring, Engaging Email Newsletters
  • Understanding Communications Measurement Frameworks

Want to Change Your Level?

No problem! You can easily change your level to change your recommended plan or you can access all of the free courses organized by topic regardless of your level. You have to be get a Free Membership to access these courses though.

Want to See All of the Courses?

You can access ALL of our online courses, including the exclusive Pass Holder-exclusive ones, by getting an All-Access Pass. The Pass is on sale now for only $499 and gets you 365 days of access to live and recorded webinars, helpful downloads, and expert and peer support in addition to the self-paced, online courses. Learn more and get your Pass. Sale ends January 4, 2019.

Let us know if you have any questions about this new feature!

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