How to Write a Nonprofit Annual Report

How to Write a Nonprofit Annual ReportI’ve just re-released my popular e-book on how to write a nonprofit annual report. If you are struggling with how to produce one, this guide will answer your questions.

This new edition covers the five essentials of a good annual report, as well as what I consider to be the best “new and improved” formats. For those of you looking for guidance on more traditional annual reports (longer printed pieces), you’ll find plenty of advice too. You can review the complete table of contents here.

The e-book is available for instant download for $37.

I’ve also launched a new free annual reports wiki to share examples of “new and improved” annual report formats. If you have an example you’d like to share, please add it to the wiki. You can do so as a guest, without registering. If you have trouble with the wiki, you can also leave links to the annual reports in the comments on this post.

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  • Thanks Kivi! I just finished reviewing the updated eBook as I prepare for my next annual report (due in the mail by April 30). It gave me inspiration to recast content this year (maybe via a theme, shoot for 8 pages instead of 12). I was dreading the annual report process but after reading your ebook, I realized I don’t have to do it alone…I can cast out this project to staff and management for their contributions. Thanks for the reminder that organziational publications should be a group effort from the start.

  • Admittedly, I’ve never written an annual report before and I’m not sure what it’s for or if it’s important. But judging from the price and the times that this was retweeted, I’m guessing that it’s very important and I should start learning it! I’ll check it out now.