Might a Rotating Twitter Account Work for You?

I managed to stay awake long enough last night to catch the Colbert Report, where Stephen talked about a very interesting marketing concept: a  curated Twitter account with a rotating voice each week. Some Swedish tourism groups are giving it a try with @sweden.  Here’s how they describe the project:

They’ve apparently had quite a diverse group of characters in the mix, leading to some less than politically correct tweets — which is how they ended up on the Colbert Report, naturally:



This particular example aside, I think the idea of a curated Twitter account with rotating voices is an interesting one.

What if the nonprofits in your city created one, and took turns with the account?

Or you gathered the experts in your field?

Or your volunteers shared their collective experiences week by week working with your nonprofit?

What other ideas do you have?

P.S. Stephen is lobbying to be selected as the first non-Swede to take over @Sweden . . .

Colbert Sweden

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  • guest

    @CelebrateNS in Nova Scotia, Canada has being doing this since January.  The tweeter and topic change each week.

  • Caoileann Appleby

    There are several of them out there: we have @ireland (under the auspices of @worldirish), and there’s also @newzealand, @iam_pakistan, and @WeAreAustralia. 

    After this week’s @sweden mistake, @worldirish posted the agreement they use with the tweeters: http://www.worldirish.com/blog/view/selecting-curators-for-ireland-405

    I’d love to see a nonprofit do something like this, if they could iron out in advance any privacy issues do with services users. Another consideration might be that they might only have enough staff to do it e.g.: for a month, and the account is back under the control of marketing/comms/fundraising for the rest of the time.

  • Hi Kivi, TechSoup has been doing this at least once on a month on Thursdays. Past guests have come from organizations such as Lights. Camera. Help., The Story of Stuff Project, and the Colorado State Library.

    • Hi Susan! How do you think that works with it just being a day as opposed to a longer time? Just wondering if it makes a difference in getting to hear the guest’s voice.

      • Although it doesn’t seem like a lot of time compared to what’s being done in Sweden, it’s pretty amazing the amount of information and dialogue the TechSoup Twitter guests engage in. Our Online Community Manager, @MichaelDeLongSF:twitter , does a great job finding guests who aren’t Twitter shy and will really own the channel while they’re in control of it. Plus to make sure that none of that wonderful info and conversation gets lost in the sea of Twitter, Michael always puts together a Storify to document everything.

  • I love this idea! I think it could also work for nonprofits of any size. Think about a youth development organization that has a parent, youth, board member, staff member, volunteer, partner, etc. take turns tweeting. You could individually engage every person involved with your organization, empower young people, and create awesome internet buzz all at the same time! LOVE it!

  • Great suggestions — thanks for sharing the other accounts.

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