As I watch nonprofits embracing content marketing as a strategy, I see a few places where they just aren’t quite getting it right. I think that’s because they are ignoring five truths about successful content marketing.

TRUTH 1: Good content marketing is more about the objective than the content itself.

Content is just content. What makes something content marketing is your ability to use content to achieve a marketing objective. So you have to pick an objective! You have dozens of choices that include building your email list, retaining donors, educating and raising awareness, and more.

TRUTH 2: Good content marketing is more about the messaging than the channel.

It’s really easy to get sucked into thinking that content marketing is all about having your content in all the right places. But that’s not really true. It’s much more important that you get your messaging right and then repurpose that relevant message into multiple channels. Start with the relevant message, not the channel.

TRUTH 3: You have to get well beyond straight news writing.

Too many times we see the potential for great content squandered because the nonprofit couldn’t get away from a straight (boring) news approach to the copy. Sure, there’s a time for journalistic or academic writing, but that’s not often the case when you are doing content marketing. You will likely need to vary your writing styles and add storytelling, donor-centered copy, opinion writing, lifestyle pieces, or a humorous style to your “just the facts” approach to get the most from your content marketing.

TRUTH 4: You need to make less and share more.

Once you get that great copy, stop creating and start repurposing! This is where your attention to various channels comes in. Repurpose that awesome relevant copy into several different places.

TRUTH 5: We measure what we care about, and care about what we measure.

If you want more support for content marketing in your organization, measure it! Everything is an experiment, so give it a go, measure, and then adjust. Report on what worked and what didn’t so you can do more of the good stuff and less of the bad over time.

I went into detail about these truths and the steps nonprofits need to take to implement effective content marketing strategies during today’s webinar. You can still join us for Part II on Thursday, March 21, 2019 (you’ll get a link to today’s recording when you do.) Register for Content Marketing Campaigns for Nonprofits: How Good Content Can Attract Thousands to Your Cause.

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