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2011 Nonprofit Communications Trends2011 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report . . . and What It All Means for Your Good Cause

This 22-page report reveals what 780 nonprofits think are the most important (and least important) communications tools for 2011, what scares and excites them, how often they will email and direct mail supporters and more.

25 Metaphors Nonprofits Can Use to Get Their Messages Across – and the Decrepit Dozen to Avoid

This e-book will help you make complicated or foreign messages feel simple and familiar to your supporters by showing you how to use metaphors in your messaging. It includes a simple five-step approach to working with metaphors, including a list of nearly 20 questions you can use to explore a metaphor more fully.

First 100 Days of Your New Nonprofit Marketing JobThe First 100 Days of Your New Nonprofit Marketing Job

This e-book describes the 100 tasks that you should try to complete within 100 days of starting your new nonprofit marketing job.

The Nonprofit Email Marketing Guide: Seven Steps to Better Email Fundraising and Communications

This e-book, which I wrote for Network for Good, includes everything you need to know to start producing great email communications for your supporters.

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January 27: Writing to Raise More Money

February 3: Writing Thank-You Notes That Inspire Future Gifts

February 8: The New & Improved Nonprofit Annual Report

February 16: Social Media Fear Factor: Getting Over What’s Holding You Back

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