Nonprofits have lots of programmatic, fundraising, and marketing goals that are really just wishes – because there’s no solid strategic communications plan in place to make them a reality.

But you can change that. We’ll show you how during our next Master Class on communications planning.

While you learn a lot during our traditional webinars, you are then left to yourself to make sure you can put what you have learned into practice. You also don’t really interact with the presenter or other participants.

A Master Class changes all of that.

During our Master Classes, you not only get the training content, but you also get to interactively experience the planning process while working in a small breakout group.

Breakouts groups are monitored to ensure you fully understand the assignments and to answer any questions as you work — something we can’t do in a traditional webinar.

You’ll get to work through some common nonprofit planning challenges within the safe confines of the Master Class.

That way you can confidently apply what you learn to your own organization much more quickly with fewer missteps!

Master Class Details:

Nonprofit Communications Planning for 2021 Master Class

Three-Hour Workshop with Kivi Leroux Miller

January 21, 2021

1:00 – 4:00 pm ET (10:00 am – 1:00 pm PT)

Registration for this workshop is $249

Or you can attend this workshop and every other workshop and webinar for the next 365 days with an All-Access Training Pass.

During this three-hour interactive Master Class we’ll focus on . . .

  • Naming the most popular goals, strategies, objectives and tactics for nonprofit communicators, along with some less popular but super effective ones you might try
  • Understanding how to combine all of these elements into an inspiring yet realistic strategy.
  • Customizing the strategy template that we’ll give you to make it work for your own nonprofit

We’ll pay extra attention to the specific strategies (like content marketing) and measurable objectives (like participation rates) that you should be using since these are the most important parts of your plan.

You’ll also learn how to use our very popular Nonprofit Communications Strategic Planning Card Deck containingthe most common nonprofit marketing goals, strategies, objectives and tactics. You will shuffle through your own set to create a winning hand for your nonprofit.

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Which Planning Documents Do You Really Need? What Decisions Go Where?

During the Master Class, we’ll share a brand-new worksheet that helps you understand the difference between the various planning documents we recommend so you can decide which ones you need to create:

  • Strategic Communications Plan aka Marketing Strategy (the bulk of the Master Class is on this document)
  • Quick and Dirty Marketing Plan
  • Big Picture Communications Timeline
  • Annual Work Plan
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Creative Briefs

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