21 Stupid Things Nonprofit Marketers Should Stop Doing [Slideshow]

We just wrapped up today’s free webinar on Stupid Things Nonprofit Marketers Can Stop Doing.

Over 1,000 people registered and about 14% participated in our community fundraiser for the homeless shelter in the small town where I live that almost had to close because of a bed bug infestation. THANK YOU! I will be dropping off a check for $1,400 to Crisis Ministry of Davidson County tomorrow. You helped ensure that more than 100 men, women, and children weren’t put out on to the streets this summer.

If you missed the webinar, I am sharing the basic presentation below, without all the commentary and interaction, of course. Next week, we will make the recording available and also reveal the poll results from the webinar. We’ll share which of these stupid things the most nonprofits admitted to doing! The answers surprised me a bit! Stay tuned . . .


You can also follow the hashtag on Twitter to see reactions and share your own: #npcommstupid



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  • Hullabaloo

    What a great slideshow! I spend so much time learning about non-profit communications and marketing but… I’m not in charge of that at my organization. Slide 11 is our biggest problem–the ED spends months (literally, months!) with board members writing and rewriting and revising and overthinking a one-page appeal letter. If we included her salary, the ROI would be horrible. The worst part is, none of them know much about communications, so the final product isn’t even a very strong appeal.