Lessons Learned from America's Giving Challenge

America's Giving Challenge was one of the first and largest online fundraising contests in the U.S. It proved that smaller organizations can out-fundraise larger organizations by using social media strategically. If you want to use social media for fundraising, pay close attention to the lessons learned here. Conversational Case Studies on America's Giving Challenge, #2…

Social Media Policies of Nonprofits

During an April 2010 webinar on Creating a Social Media Policy for Your Nonprofit, we used the Policy Tool for Social Media to create a rough draft of a policy. The online interview in the tool includes 12 questions, and I asked the 30 or so webinar participants to pick the answers via GoToWebinar polling. What resulted…

What's the Buzz? Find Out Who's Talking About Your Organization and Issues Online

If a blogger raved about how great your organization is (or ranted about something you did wrong), would you know about it? Who's starting conversations online about the causes you care about and who's talking back?

On November 13, 2008, Kivi Leroux Miller (Nonprofit Marketing Guide) and  Lindy Dreyer (SocialFish.org) hosted a free half-hour webinar on how to use social media tools to listen to conversations taking place online about your organization and the issues you care about - and to keep track of the online movers and shakers in your field.